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    Passion for Technology

    We stand for modern sustainable life with supporting technology. 
    We try to explain interesting technologies from a cat‘s perspective or with the example of cats; as many scientists do and like. 
    We try to be well dressed and look good while doing this. We prefer high fashion for sustainability reasons instead of fast fashion.


    Our Team

    We are a family and a team too ...

    • PT


      aka Buttercupcake's PanTau
      is called PT and a tuxedo male Maine Coon,
      PT sounds like "petit", but he is the complete opposite.
      PT is the main character and catmodel, born Feb. 28th, 2023.

    • Maggie


      aka Margaret Renee Grey
      is a Russian Blue Mix rescued from Rumania.
      She is FIP survivor and supporting character,
      born May 2020 and since Jan. 2021 a family member.

    • Charlie


      aka Charles Grey
      is a British Shorthair Mix adopted from a shelter.
      Charlie is supporting character, but the boss of the cat gang.
      April 2020 he joined our family with unknown age.

    • Susan


      Mum has a PhD in electrical engineering
      and is working as Head of Digitalisation in an innovation agency.
      She is the Social Media Manager and responsible for the technology topics.

    • Martin


      Dad is Dr. dentist.
      He is supporting the health topics and
      deciding the fashion and style topics.

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